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Strategy and support for artists making change!

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Increase the impact of your dollar by supporting Revolutions Per Minute

Revolutions Per Minute (rpm) believes that while all artists have an unparalleled ability to effect positive change in the world, engaged and well-resourced artists do it better. Everything we do comes back to one goal: helping artists become effective activists and philanthropists.

Every dollar we raise for our operating actually turns into $3.33 that we can donate to a nonprofit partner.

Campaigns with artists are generating new money and exposure that would not exist otherwise. With a meaningful gift to RPM, you're making an exponential investment in the organizations who are working on solutions to some of the most difficult social issues.

Just this year RPM supported 40 different artists to implement successful campaigns supporting organizations working on mental health, local bail funds, homelessness, immigration and gun violence. With your help we will continue to work with every individual artist to help them do the most with their platform, no matter where they are in their career or album cycle.

This December, we've made it our goal to raise a contribution from 40 different RPM supporters to match the work from 40 amazing artists in 2018. If you believe artists have a role to play in changing our world, be one of our 40.